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Where are the digital engineering notebooks?

I am a strong proponent of making everything in my life digital.  I own a tablet PC and spend most of my time working on engineering projects on the computer.  One thing that always drives me nuts is printing out stuff just to go into a engineering notebook.  First I'm waisting paper, second its not the write medium for an entire source code system.  Where are digital engineering notebooks? 

I propose that someone starts a company that is basically a limited access subversion repository ran by lawyers and IT specialist.  Client can use Tortoise SVN or the like to synch their directory changes to the server.  Someone can even have rules in place that require digital signatures before commits can happen.  If a patent dispute ever happens the company can show the directory in its state as of a certain disputed date.

What this gives you:

  • A way to backup your files
  • A clean medium for digital files like source code
  • Worry free notebook maintenance

The company could make a good deal of money charging for space and charging a lot of money for engineering audits. 


Well just a thought!

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