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Hacking Gateways WinPE install disks

So if you hate bloatware on your gateway install disk you've probably done some crazy things to avoid it. I have tried slipstreaming a new xp install with disastrous consequences. My work around and this is awesome..... After gateway copies all the files to your computer it will boot in as a hidden user and show a screen telling you that its running scripts to setup your system. Wait until it has installed your drivers then... ctrl+alt+del and kill the install process. WinPE will shutdown your system and boot you back into windows. Its that easy to avoid bloat ware!

Gateway CX210X

Once done with this I image my machine using the "System Rescue CD" and use PARTIMAGE to image the HD.

The best setup i have found:
  • Get windows running.
  • Split your HDD into two parts (OS,FILES) using gparted on the "System Rescue CD"
  • Make sure your profile is on the FILES drive. (This is a bit tricky).
  • Image the OS drive using PARTIMAGE and a USB Harddrive.
  • Use Microsoft Sync Toy to sync your files with a server (who needs icremental backups?

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